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During my university course I had a module on web development using the web application framework. In this module we were given creative freedom to come up with our own idea for a website and tasked with implementing it. I wanted to design a service that would provide people with a single site to get all the support they need from companies they use in their daily lives while providing smaller companies a platform to reach out to their customers and thus Compcon was born.  It allows companies to register on the site and provides them with a platform to communicate with their customers through a live chat service as well as traditional internet forums. The site itself is built using Microsoft’s .NET framework and c# as the language for the back end logic.

Click here for GUI Concept and Database Design Doc

Brief Summary  (You can try the site live here)


Home Page:

The home page features a company spotlight and trending threads to the user. Company spotlight showcases random company logos and descriptions to increases the visibility of companies registered on the site. Trending threads shows the five most popular threads (post count of thread) of the current calender month.




Company Page:

Once a company joins the site and is approved by an administrator a company page is automatically generated for them. The company page consists of their logo, company description, average rating left by users in live chat, the number of conversations the company has had with users, the number of posts in the companies forums, and the date the company joined Compcon.




Company Forums:

Like the automatically generated company page, a company forum section is also generated. Within the companies forums users can create their own threads and posts. Company representatives can also take part in discussions and they are identified as a representative of the company in their posts. Users can also rate posts and mark them as helpful/unhelpful as well as flag posts they deem inappropriate. If a post is flagged by multiple users it is brought to an admins attention and grants them privileges to take action.




Company live chat:

Compcon provides companies with a platform to deliver live chat to their customers. When the company admin registers the site they can also register representatives for that company. The representatives are those responsible for communicating directly with customers through the forums and live chat facility. When a user starts a live chat session with a company the chat request gets added to the companies incoming conversations queue, it then remains there until a representative accepts it and then that conversation is bound to them. When a conversation concludes the user is given the opportunity to provide feedback on the outcome.




User Account Control and Auditing:

Compcon has built in user account controls and performance auditing for site and company admins. Site administrators have the ability to ban users and entire companies as well as delete them. The admin of a company has similar powers but reduced to the scope of their own company. Reporting functionality is also built in allowing  company admins to generate various reports (How many conversations has a representative taken, average rating, most popular thread etc) and site admins to generate overall site stats (How many users/companies registered this month, etc). The generated reports are mixture of text and graphs.

















Thank you for taking the time to check out Compcon. Feel free to try out the live site available here